About Us

Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston began November 1989. The Center now serves over 82 zip codes reaching across 5 counties. The initial office for the Center was a very small space in a strip center across from a local high school; the space was donated by a member of PHC’s board. The Center was started by a woman named Jill and with her newborn in her arms along with two small children she was visited by a young man named Mark who as a youngster had a dream of playing major league baseball.  Now older, that young man had been drafted out of Texas A&M by the San Diego Padres in 1979. Mark soon realized that with this new profession attending a traditional church service would be almost impossible had it not been for an organization called Baseball Chapel. A splinter group was formed in 1989 known as Pro Life Athletes’. The group was made up not only of baseball players but professional players from other major sports including football, basketball and golf. Joining this group came naturally to Mark as the group’s mission was to promote life and it encouraged players to get involved in the pro-life movement. One way that was highly recommended was to become involved in the local pregnancy help centers in the professional player’s hometown. Mark decided that when he went home to Katy for the off season he would try to get involved.

But he was confounded as to where to look for such a group. He did look around, but at that time internet search engines were not available. By “chance”, Mark saw a notice in his church bulletin regarding an upcoming pro-life meeting where he learned that his community did indeed have a pregnancy help center. The meeting was right down the street from where Mark lived. He says this was one of those “God thing moments” as God placed this information right in his lap.  Once Mark saw the resolve and desire to do God’s work in the eyes of Jill he was highly motivated to help. At that time they had $20 in the bank with a banquet attendance of 70 people in a family center of a local Catholic church, the Center was birthed. Mark continues his service with the Center along with his beautiful Godly wife, his mother, many of his friends, his church and numerous business associates. What a difference one person can make. Together with God’s divine help we make a bigger difference, one heart at a time.